Fix That Hosed-up Windows Box!

  • Diagnostics
  • Backup tools
  • Network Fixers
  • AV special-purpose tools
  • AV removers
  • File deleters
  • Rootkit specials
  • Boot this disk
  • Hasta la Vista!
  • BartPE - in case the PC will not boot
    DriveMan - backup drivers
    CCleaner - remove the junk files
    Hex Editor - edit corrupt Word/other documents
    UnStoppableCopier - backup files in case you only get one chance
    DelLater - delete virus/other files that are inuse
    Spybot, AdAware, Spyware Doctor
    WhatsRunning - find rogue processes
    System Internals - all :-)
    A2Hijackfree - startup programs
  • Spybot
    NoNav/Sav Remove
    Firefox (now 3.0)
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -
    Spybot -
    CCleaner -
    HijackThis -
    Recovery is Possible -
    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition -
    Norton Removal Tool -
    McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool -
    VundoFix -
    Firefox -
  • BartPE or WinBuilder
    Anything from Sysinternals
    MSI Clean Up utility (msicuu.exe)
  • StartupList - It's a bit like HijackThis (and written by the same person/people), but covers a large number of registry locations that viruses/spyware like to hide.
  • Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool
  • IceSword (nothing can hide from it)
    Winsockfix (for Vista)
    Autoruns (Systernals)
    ProcessExplorer (Systernals)
    Eset NOD32 antivirus
  • F-Secure BlackLight?
  • SuperAntiSpyware
    Rogue Remover
  • CCleaner is better than decrap. JKdefrag for defrag. Spybot SnD. I'm not a fan of spyware doctor (seen it hose machines). Norton Remover and McAfee removers are a must too.
  • My positive contribution: bartPE has been mentioned; we make heavy use
    of the Ultimate boot CD (UBCD) since it has both memtest and HDAT2 on
    it, the best hdd diagnostic tool we've found:
  • called Combofix.exe
  • Secunia Personal Software inspector,
  • Intel(R) Regimented Potential Incident Examination Report (RPIER),
  • No one mentioned any tools along the lines of toolbars or browser plugins
    Netcraft anti-phishing (not yet updated for FF 3.0),
  • NoScript (though it can initially be annoying to the average user),
  • Errata Security AxBan, ActiveX Kill Bits,
  • 1) Ewido Micro - Ewido malware scan without installing full client
    (will need an Internet connection to download updates)
  • 2) Sysclean - SysClean utility - Standalone virus scanner similar to
    Stinger but detects all known variants that Trend Micro can detect
  • SysClean virus definition file - select the LPT***.zip to download
    Place and the unzipped LPT file from LPT***.zip
    into a folder.
    Double click to start the scan
  • 3) SCSCleanWipe - Removes version of Norton (Symantec) Antivirus
    Corporate Edition (9x,ME,NT,2k,XP)
    For failures with add-remove
  • 4) CleanUp! - Cleans temp files, browser cache and prefetch of a
    Windows computer (for all accounts)
  • 5) KillBox - Delete files that won't delete normally
  • 6) MCPR.exe - Removes versions of Mcafee suites and applications
    For failures with add-remove
  • 7) Norton - Removal Tool uninstalls all Norton
    2008/2007/2006/2005/2004/2003 products and Norton 360 from your
    For failures with add-remove

Cal Frye's Stuff


These Tools are provided for handy reference and their use is entirely at your own risk. I do not suport these applications, and have had nothing to do with their development. You probably can't afford my hourly rate for system cleaning, either.

You're On Your Own.
Good Luck!

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