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Brazenly copied from Most Google links to solving the Mac Address Book vCard export to CSV or GMail problem in turn point to this online script. If you're nervous about uploading your contacts information to an unknown web site in Switzerland, you may download the script from the link below and run it locally. You'll need a shell and PHP installed. If you're in-between on being comfortable running it at the shell or within Terminal, and you trust me more than the author, you're welcome to use this tool here. My admittedly limited testing seems to show that nothing is exported off my web server, and nothing is left behind. At any rate, I'm not interested in harvesting your contacts data nor spamming your friends!

Cal Frye is not responsible for this tool, nor your use of it. You're on your own. Any questions or comments may be directed to the tool's author, see below.

The preferred tool to export Apple's Address Book to Mozilla Thunderbird.
Simply drag all contacts from the Address Book to your desktop and upload the created vCard file.


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Privacy Policy

This public service is intended to provide simple functions to convert any vCard file into another format. It was created for personal needs and is now provided on a private and non commercial basis. The uploaded file will not be stored permanently nor will the converted addresses be kept on the server.

You can also download the script and run it locally. All you need is a shell with PHP installed.

For questions about privacy and security, please contact