Calvin J. Frye

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Nearly-Perfect Oberlin Town Car.

It's street-legal, eye-catching, and goes 25 mph around Oberlin. Not quite a sports car, but sporty, for certain definitions of "sporty."

My GEM car

Here's the latest addition to the local fleet. This one is a 2007 GEM eS truck bed model. This one is equipped with the stock 7hp motor, which runs 25mph. It also comes with the factory doors and heater, a benefit to anyone looking to drive it in Ohio's winters.

It has about 6500 miles, new batteries in 2012, and newer GEM features like coil-over-strut suspension and high/low beam headlamps. The bed measures 34" by 48"

If you need more on what it's like driving a GEM in Oberlin, see my GEM page.

"Street-legal" - does that mean license plates?

I had to go to the Auto Title bureau in downtown Elyria to transfer the title, then to the BMV to register it. They gave me temporary plates at first, 'cause it hadn't passed the E-Check! I called the Ohio EPA office in Twinsburg, and explained the situation. I was given a permanent exemption from E-Check for this all-electric vehicle, and took that back to the BMV again, finally getting plates. Except for the E-Check, it registers just like a normal car.

How about insurance?

Unfortunately, my inusrance company, Nationwide, does not insure these vehicles. So after 30 years with them, both auto and homeowners policies, we're leaving Nationwide for State Farm, which does cover GEM cars. Too bad, but it's Nationwide's decision, really.


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