Calvin J. Frye

I've made a rather extensive collection of signature quotes I use to sign my email messages. I find that sometimes I'm not the only one interested in the topic, and here I'll share a recent collection.

I used to use Jeroen van Baarsel's little Pick-a-Tag utility to create a signature file which I listed in my mail client. But then I switched from Windows to Macintosh, and needed something else. Now I have a Thunderbird add-on called Signature Switch which accomplishes the same thing. My signature file linked below is currently formatted for Signature Switch, so there are extra delimeters (specifically the dollar sign and the percent mark) separating the signature from the quotes, and each quote from the next. You'll have to edit the thing yourself if you need it otherwise!

A while ago when Thunderbird was giving me all sorts of troubles, I switched to Postbox. Alas, Signature Switch was not compatible, but there is a more rudimentary yet more flexible utility called QuickText, whish is itself a Thunderbird extension not officially supported in Postbox, but it works. Add to that a nest of scripts that read the sig files shown here, extract the quotes and append them to personalized signatures for every occasion. QuickText then in turn pulls these smaller files as you choose into your email. Clumsier, but overall it works, and I learned several things along the way.

The Sig file itself:

Here it is in all its glory. It's grown from many sources over many years, and contains jokes, lyric excerpts, and quotations from the UU Wayside Pulpit, liberals of all stripes, quotes on politics, philosophy, the human condition, and beer. Enjoy.