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   Calvin J. Frye

Unitarian Universalist Services

Over the years, I've been fortunate to have given sermons and led entire services for several UU congregations. Although I am not a UU minister, there is a strong tradition in Unitarian Universalism for lay-led services, and several of the congregations where I've been a member were only served by a part-time minister, so many others graced their pulpits from time to time.

I have begun the study leading to my becomming a Comissioned Lay Leader for my local congregation. My specialization in the CLL program is on leading worship services. I've put this on hold a bit while I serve as Treasurer, but I intend to complete the CLL once my financial duties are over.

What follows is a collection of sermons and entire services I've given over the last several years, some in audio format, many in PDF form.

I hope you enjoy these, and if you wish to hear any of them in your own congregation, please see the Guest In Your Pulpit service of the Ohio-Meadville District for details. Services are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and/or as an mp3 audio recording. Click on the icon for the version you wish to download.

Service Title or Subject
The Role of Reason in Religion
Why Are We Here? - Ritual, Religion, Spirituality
Do You Hear? - on Violence and Marginalization
Darwin Day 2013 - Darwin on Slavery, in his own words. I deliver this one in personna, if you will.
The Elements of Reverence (for Humanists)
'Tis the Holiday Season - tradition and ritual
Let Me Pencil That In - on experimentation
Drinking the Holy Water - a Reverent Humanist?
Doubt Can Set You Free - doubt or cynicism?
I Have Known Rivers - streams do hard work!
What's This About Covenant? Alice Wesley's Minns Lecture condensed, on Dedham, MA
In The Spirit of Caring Fellowship - Stewardship
Still We Dream - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cooperation, Covenant, Community, a Conversation - more from Rev. Alice Blair Wesley and the Commission on Appraisal
That's Original! - sin, that is...
Darwin's Interconnected Web - a longer (and stronger?) version of Darwin's words...
Doubt Was Our Foundation - considering doubt on the Fourth of July.
Doubt Is My Foundation - another version of this conversation
How Does an Atheist Go to Church? - good question. This is my attempt to answer it.



Dr Joan Webster, Reflections of a UU Buddhist Chaplain - I served as worship associate, wrapping the service around Joan's message.